I work to serve the LORD.

It is a great honor to do so, especially with the urgency of these times, where JESUS can come at any time, gathering His faithful.

This blog has many treasures for all of us, testifying of God's love, might, power, faithfulness, and glory.

It's time we paid attention to God, and give Him our total love and devotion.

I promise you, your life will change immeasurably, once you've made that first step.

This blog is SCRIPTURE-rich, so please head over to the following sections if you wish to know more!

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And a blessing for all of you!

Source: Daily Verses

The ONLY Power is of GOD

  13 Let every soul  be subject unto  the higher powers.  For there  is no power  but of God :  the powers that be  are ordained  of God. Ro...